Our Secret Millionaire Episode Touches Lives 2 Years Later Overseas!


It was 2 years ago this month that New Hope made history and our message of hope and healing was broadcast to over 10 million Americans. After our episode of Secret Millionaire aired we had no idea what to expect, so we prepared as best we could. Just being on the show and receiving the wonderful gift from Secret Millionaire, Hillary DeCesare, CEO and Co-Founder of Everloop, Inc. was enough. We received many phone calls, emails and letters from people just thanking us for what we do and wanting to know how they could help. Many of the fans just wanted to share their own personal stories of loss and so we became very good listeners.

Two years after the episode aired we received an email from Samantha Taylor or Sami as her friends call her all the way from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Sami had recently watched our episode and wanted to write us. We are so humbled and thankful for the impact we’ve been able to have because of Secret Millionaire, and so glad to know that impact is still happening 2 years later 5,130 miles away in Belfast.

I am at the top right, dad is top left (Samuel). The 3 kids together (Billy, Travis and Jodie). I am also pictured with my older sister Debbie. And my mum ( Margaret) and dad are pictured together.

I am at the top right, dad is top left (Samuel). The 3 kids together (Billy, Travis and Jodie). I am also pictured with my older sister Debbie. And my mum ( Margaret) and dad are pictured together.

Sami’s Story

My name is Samantha Taylor. I’m 22 years old and live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I recently watched your episode of The Secret Millionaire and I wanted to reach out to express my appreciation for what you guys offer and continue to do for grieving families.

I was touched by this episode and I think I cried the whole time!! I lost my Father Samuel in 2008 when I was only 16 years old. He died very suddenly due to a brain hemorrhage that none of us, even my Dad, could have detected. He was only 49 years old. This struck our family hard and our world was flipped upside down. On 1st December 2008 he left a loving wife and 5 kids (I was the second oldest and my brother Travis was the youngest, being 3 years old at the time he passed). His passing was my first experience with death, my first funeral and my first deep feelings of sadness. I was lost and so was my family.

New Hope is something very close to my heart, had you been in my city we could have definitely benefited immensely. In Belfast, there are some bereavement agencies that we attended, but nothing like what you guys provide. Six years after his death I am now 22 years old working at a growing Marketing company as an Office Supervisor. I went back to school and achieved my qualifications I had missed out on when my father had passed away. I have come a long way thanks to my family support. My Mum has been through so much and I wonder how she continues to smile, but we try our best as the world continues to turn. I have an older sister 28, a sister aged 16, brother aged 15 and my youngest sibling is 8. All the kids have been to some form of counselling but I know deep down the loss of their father will have a lasting effect. I just hope they look to the future as I have, rather than being trapped in grief.

I usually watch The Secret Millionaire as I love people and companies being recognized for the extraordinary things they achieve daily. I looked you guys up on the internet and thought I’d share my story with you and show how happy I am that you exist. Please continue your awesome work as people are in need of your support on a daily basis.

My Dad was one in a million and so is New Hope.

Your Northern Irish Friend,

PS. I was thinking if anyone would like to communicate with me via email (like a pen-pal) to talk about grief, dealing with it, etc. I’d be more than happy to connect with you. You can reach me at samitaylor30@gmail.com