Walters Wholesale Electric Brings Jerry West to Long Beach

For the last 2 years New Hope has participated in the TICKETS Fore CHARITY program, a unique fundraising program designed to help local nonprofit organizations raise money by promoting ticket sales to the Northern Trust Open.  New Hope receives 80% of the net proceeds from each ticket sold and the remaining 20% of the net proceeds benefits City of Hope. The Northern Trust Open Executive Director is NBA Hall of Famer Jerry West.  If a charity sells enough tickets Jerry West will personally attend a private event hosted by the charity.

This year one of New Hope’s enthusiastic Board Members, Bruce Flint, who is an avid golfer spearheaded this effort and really maximized the opportunity.  Bruce is the Manager at Walters Wholesale Electric in Torrance; he is good friends with the President of his company, Bill Durkee.  One evening over dinner Bruce shared t the TICKETS Fore CHARITY program with Bill.  Walters Wholesale is committed to appreciating and thanking loyal customers for their business.  Both Bruce and Bill have big hearts and saw a wonderful opportunity to thank their customers and give back to New Hope.  By the end of dinner Bill had decided he would purchase enough tickets to the Northern Trust Open to get Jerry West to attend a thank-you event for Walters Wholesale customers.

On Wednesday, January 23, 2013 Walters Wholesale hosted an event for 70 loyal customers at McKenna’s on the Bay in Long Beach, CA.  At the event Jerry West shook hands with guests, took photos, signed memorabilia, and gave wonderful speech thanking Walters Wholesale.  By the end of the event 70 people were thanked, introduced to Jerry West, but more importantly learned about New Hope and the work that they do.

New Hope is so thankful to Bruce, Bill, Jerry, and Walters Wholesale Electric for their commitment to being philanthropic.  It is their generosity and good spirit to pay-it-forward that will allow New Hope to continue its mission of brining hope and healing into the lives of grieving children, teens, and adults after a loved one dies.