Secret Millionaire


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Wednesday, June 13, 2012



LONG BEACH, CA—New Hope Grief Support Community is excited to announce that it will be featured on ABC’s Secret Millionaire, a reality program that matches donors with deserving charities. The television show will air Sunday, July 8th at 8:00 PST on your local ABC station.

ABC’s Secret Millionaire is a one-hour reality series that follows some of American’s most successful business people as they leave their families behind and give up the comfort of their home and lifestyle. Residing in local housing and subsisting on welfare wages, these “Secret Millionaires” keep their true identities hidden while they search for people and organizations that are dedicated to making life better for those in need.

In October, 2011 Hilary DeCesare, CEO/co-founder of, the leading safe social media site for kids, left her family behind to reside and find local charities in Long Beach that were making a difference.  Hilary was sent undercover as a volunteer and approached New Hope Grief Support Community; she told them she was filming a documentary about volunteerism in America.  New Hope agreed to be filmed having no idea Hilary was really a wealthy entrepreneur.

“When you think about grief you kind of want to run away from it. The pain from the loss of a parent, child or other loved one is so unfathomable.  Working on the front line with those who are helping others during this time changed my life forever.” Said Hilary  

Susan K. Beeney R.N., New Hope’s founder invited Hilary to help them with a special memorial garden for the Alonso family who lost their son in a tragic accident.  Hilary was deeply moved as she experienced New Hope’s mission first hand.  Throughout this incredible experience, Hilary comes face to face with some extraordinary people who put their own needs aside for others. At the end of her journey, she reveals her true identity and donates her own money to New Hope.

“I remember two years I was cutting onions in the kitchen watching an episode of the Secret Millionaire.  I thought what a great concept, finally a reality show with some real substance. I asked myself, how do you get on that show?  Even after being selected I am still in total in shock! I had no idea that Hillary was a Secret Millionaire—I am truly amazed and humbled by her big heart and generosity.” said Susan.

Please join New Hope and Hilary as they make their national debut on ABC television network.  New Hope will be hosting a premiere party from 7pm-9pm at Gaslamp Restaurant located at 6251 East Pacific Coast Highway Long Beach, CA 90803.  The event is open to the public and will be family friendly, bring the kids, invite your friends and neighbors.  You will have the opportunity to meet the Secret Millionaire, and the New Hope staff featured in our episode.  We would love to have your join our New Hope family as we celebrate and make history in the city of Long Beach.

About New Hope Grief Support Community:

Based in Long Beach, Calif., New Hope Grief Support Community has been a local leader for over 12 years providing grief support groups, educational resources, seminars, and family grief camps at no cost. New Hope’s mission is to help grieving people find hope and healing as they travel on their own personal journey of grief. We provide grievers with a safe, supportive, caring environment to share without judgment. We believe supportive grief groups, can help people on their journey of grief to discover they are not alone, and gain the tools and support they need to carry on. New hope provides services for children, teens, young adults, & adults—they have served over 7,000 people. Learn more about New Hope Grief Support Community at