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A Journey With Mrs. Beens

A Journey With Mrs. Beens was created and designed for parents, family members, professional counselors, teachers, medical and care-giving professionals and others involved in the life of any child who has suffered the death of a loved one.  The book may be used one-on-one or in a group setting.  The story was not created to be read  in one session, it is best to read it in shorter sessions. This method will best accommodate a child’s age, brief attention span, and fragile emotional condition during their time of grief.

Lauren Schneider, LCSW, Director for Children and Adolescent Programs at Our House Grief had this to say, “Without hiding behind metaphor, the message of hope this book offers will be easy to grasp, even for very young children. A must for clinicians, grief counselors and families.”


Children’s Storybook for ages 3-9
By: Marsha Ann Dobler
Concept by: Susan K. Beeney, R.N.
Cost: $23.50 (Includes Shipping & Handling)