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New Hope Community GroupsWhat are New Hope Community Groups?

Grief is hard and it’s even harder when you have to face it alone.  We recognize each of us have things we love doing in life that we can share with others.  Our vision is that grieving people would gather around common likes and interests and together find strength, hope and the encouragement they need.

New Hope offers nine-week grief support groups to the community.  These groups are designed for grieving people to connect with other grieving people in a safe space to share their thoughts and feelings. Our groups work wonderfully, but we have received requests from participants wanting more opportunities to connect beyond the nine-weeks.

In response to that request we created New Hope Community Groups. These groups gather over common likes, interests or hobbies. Groups are intended for New Hope Alumni and other grieving people in the community. New Hope Community Groups provide people the opportunity to connect with a community of grieving people doing cool stuff together.  Some groups connect over fun hobbies or activities, while others meet simply to be together and support each other.

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Who are the groups open to?

The groups are intended for grieving people. Groups are open to people who are grieving the death of a loved. Some group members may have attended a New Hope support group, while others have not—this is not a requirement to join a community group.

Who Leads the Community Groups?

All groups are led by volunteers and people like you. Group leaders have either attended a New Hope support group in the past or are a member of the community who have experienced the death of a loved one and want to share their time and talents with others.

What groups are available?

Because groups are volunteer led we are constantly updating available groups. Some group examples include yoga, dinner parties, biking, loss of a child, fishing, crafting, team sports, widows/widowers, hiking and more. Don’t see a group you like? New Hope can help you start a group devoted to that hobby or activity—fill out the form below to get started.

How often do the groups meet?

These groups can meet weekly, monthly or quarterly!  You can attend the group as often as you like—it’s up to you!

How do I join a group?

Some groups require registration while others are open and you can attend as you see them advertised. To join groups fill out the online interest from below and someone from our team will be in touch with you.

Does it cost to join a group?

Most groups are free, but some may have a minimal fee. These fees cover materials, food, or the actual cost of attending the activity.

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For questions or to learn more about New Hope Community Groups please call (562) 429-0075 or email at