A special thanks to Bruce Flint and Charles Freedman for their service to the mission of New Hope.  They served as Board Members bringing their gifts, talents, and expertise to the table.

Bruce was responsible for founding our Annual Golf Tournament Fore Hope, this year we hosted our 3rd Annual tournament and fundraised over $30,000.  Although Bruce will be leaving the Board, he will still continue to volunteer on the golf tournament planning committee, he’s committed to ensuring that each year it gets better, and is more financially successful.

Charles was the Chair of our Marketing Committee.  He was very creative and leveraged his marketing talents to bolster the overall marketing strategy for New Hope.  His passion and creativity will definitely be missed, but the mark he left on the organization will not be forgotten.

We are so thankful to Bruce and Charles for their service and commitment to New Hope.  Their big hearts and passion to serve has changed lives and improved the quality of life for so many grieving families.