Adopt A Family


New Hope Grief Support Community and Realty ONE Group are teaming up this holiday season to bring some cheer & joy into the lives of 5 grieving families. The holidays can be tough, but they can be even tougher for families who are dealing with the loss of a mom or dad. Not only do these families deal with the emotional challenges that come with grief, but the financial hardships too.

Together, with your support we hope to adopt 5 New Hope Families who have all experienced the death of a mom or dad. The goal is that a team of Realty ONE Group agents will partner and select a family (see below) to provide new, unwrapped clothes, gifts, gift-cards and/or monetary donations to ease the financial burden for these families this holiday season.

The deadline is Tuesday, December 13th, please bring your gifts and/or gift cards to the Realty One Offices 

DONATE NOW ONLINE: You can make a monetary donation online, click here to donate. (note you do not need a PayPal account to donate, they will allow you make a one-time donation without an account)

New Hope will pick up the items from the Anaheim Realty ONE Group offices and deliver the items to the families. Please DO NOT gift wrap the items–we want the parent to have the joy and dignity in wrapping the gifts for their children. If you have questions please call David from New Hope direct at 310-920-0067 or   You may also speak with Paul Lightfoot at the Realty One Group offices,

THANK YOU in advance for your support and generosity in helping New Hope fulfill it’s mission of offering Hope and Healing in the lives of grieving children and families. New Hope Grief Support Community is a 501c(3) not-for-profit organization; Tax I.D. 01-0635. Monetary donations are 100% tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. All other donated goods will receive an in-kind letter of acknowledgment.


  1. Williamson Family: Father Terrance died in December 2015 from an automobile accident. He left behind his wife Andrea and their four children; Jordan (age 3), Jasmine (age 6), Justin (age 9) and Gabriel (age 15). 
  1. Estrada Family: Father Justin died in December 2015 from a motorcycle accident. He left behind his wife Nici (pronounced Nikki) and their 8 year old daughter Malah.
  1. Cunnert Family:  Father Mark died of a sudden heart-attack in August of 2015. He left behind his wife Kathy and their 10 year old son Lucas.
  1. Lopati Family: Father Popo died of a heart attack in October 2015. He left behind his wife Brenda, and their 3 children; Thomas (age 5), Tia (age 5) Thomas (age 8).
  1. Escalona Family: Father Tony passed away 2 years ago from a sudden heart-attack at age 47. He left behind his wife Erma, and two children, their son, Kalama (13 years old) and their daughter Ailana (age 11).